As a huge fan of the show Arrow, and a pretty big fan of this website (I'm sure Rob Bricken wouldn't believe it, but it actually is true), is there a way to get the readers of the page to vote on changing Arrow's reviewer? Esther does nothing but crap all over the show week after week, even last night's INCREDIBLE crossover episode. It's clear she knows nothing about the characters, and doesn't seem to have ever read a comic book before. These reviews are meant to be honestly critical when criticism is called for, sure, but they're also a fun ways for fans of the show to appreciate each episode the next day. There's nothing enjoyable about the way Esther reviews this show. She doesn't seem to understand storytelling, character growth, or what to focus on week in and week out. I hate to not be able to read reviews on io9, but if it continues to be Esther for Arrow, I may have to find somewhere else to bond with fellow Arrowheads.